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Guarantees for higher search engine rankings are hard to come by, We would say, very few companies offer 'real' guarantee for the same. Find below examples of some guarantees that would not help you:

  • Top 10 results guaranteed for 'Top' search engines - The definition of 'Top' is where this whole guarantee thing would fail to deliver real results - qualified traffic. Google generates close to 75% of all traffic. A guarantee involving Google specifically would mean something.
  • Top 10 rankings promised for some keywords which are very low competitive and can potentially bring close to zero traffic. Once again, a good way to entice clients.

So what would really be a good guarantee for higher search engine rankings?

A Search Engine Positioning Guarantee that clearly indicates top 10 rankings for which keywords in Google and the time frame for achievement. Very specific and clear guarantee statement would be good.

Why are we still providing the guarantee?

As per Google Webmaster Guidelines, nobody can provide a ranking guarantee. Having known this and with so many not-so-real guarantees floating around, what drives us to provide a higher search engine ranking guarantee? Basically two reasons: Our confidence in our ability to achieve top google rankings for our clients and two, most customers are looking for visible ROI.

How will the Higher Search Engine Rankings guarantee work?
The guaranteed ranking contract is based on a set of keywords - from 10 keywords onwards. Based on the competition of keywords, the market segment and current search engine presence of your website - we will provide a fixed quote for guaranteed higher search engine rankings with timelines. Majority of guaranteed ranking projects run for 6 to 9 months. Google higher ranking achievement targets will also be provided, typically number of keywords within top 10, number of keywords within top 20, and so on. If we are not able to fulfill our targets, we would refund 100% of the amount we have charged for the project. The amount would be refunded within 21 days and in the same form of payment that it was received.

Just that you understand how it works. Say, we have a guaranteed agreement for 20 keywords. We would provide a proposal indicating how many keywords would be in top 10 in Google in say 6 months and how many keywords in top 20, and so on. The contract gets over as soon as the rankings are achieved and you have an option to go for a search engine positioning maintenance contract.

We want the best results (traffic) for you and at any point no effort would be made to loose focus from the same.

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